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      Conditions treated



      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

  • Conditions:

      What is a Stroke?

      Effects of a Stroke

      Stroke physiotherapy treatment

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Cerebral Palsy
      What is a CP?

      Effects of CP

      CP physiotherapy treatment

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Traumatic Brain Injury
      What is a TBI?

      Types of TBI

      Effects of a TBI

      Physiotherapy treatment following a TBI

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Spinal Cord Injury
      What is a SCI?

      Types of SCI

      Effects of a SCI

      Physiotherapy for SCI

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Multiple Sclerosis
      What is MS?

      Diagnosis of MS

      Effects of MS

      Types of MS

      MS Physiotherapy

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

      What is Dementia?

      Effects of Dementia

      Types of Dementia

      How is Dementia diagnosed

      Physio treatment for Dementia

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Parkinson's Disease
      What is PD?

      Effects of PD

      How is PD diagnosed?

      Medical treatment of PD

      Physio treatment for PD

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Guillain Barre Syndrome
      What is GBS?

      Effects of GBS

      Medical treatment of GBS

      Physio treatment for GBS

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Peripheral Nerve Injury
      What is a Nerve Injury?

      Effects of a Nerve Injury

      Physio treatment for Nerve Injury

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Developmental Delay
      What is a Developmental Delay?

      Signs of Developmental Delay

      Physio treatment for Developmental Delay

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

      What is Fibromyalgia?

      Effects of Fibromyalgia

      Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia

      Physio treatment for Fibromyalgia

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    M.E / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
      What is ME?

      Effects of ME

      Diagnosis of ME

      Physiotherapy for ME

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

      What is Dyspraxia?

      Effects of Dyspraxia

      Physio treatment for Dyspraxia

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Transverse Myelitis
      What is Transverse Myelitis?

      Effects of Transverse Myelitis

      Physio treatment for Transverse Myelitis

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Huntington's Disease
      What is Huntington's Disease?

      Effects of Huntington's Disease

      Diagnosis of Huntington's Disease

      Physio treatment for Huntington's Disease

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Motor Neurone Disease
      What is MND?

      Effects of MND

      Diagnosis of MND

      Physio treatment for MND

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Muscular Dystrophy
      What is Muscular Dystrophy?

      Effects of Muscular Dystrophy

      Physio for Muscular Dystrophy

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

      What is a Myopathy?

      Types of Myopathies

      Effects of Myopathies

      Physio treatment for Myopathies

      Why Manchester Neuro Physio

    Other Conditions

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